Professional headshot is  important for employees of your organization. It gives consistent and professional look of your brand.

A well planned headshot schedule will be fun event and an opportunity to bring  employees together. Plan for half a day to full day scheduling based on the size of the organization. 

Few tips to planning:

Free up a spacious room for the taking the pictures. Photographer will need atleast 8x10 feet room to setup the equipment.

Talk to photographer if you want to have a background theme. It could be a plan background, company logo or environmental.

Environmental portraits are popular backdrops. It shows the relevant business activity in the background. Example: showing product manufacturing in the background of the picture. Sometimes the envrionmental portraits could be tricky due to work or weather conditions. The photographer can also help to add environmental images in the post production. 

Prepare a schedule for employees so that they can come in turns. Ask them to line up 5 minutes before the schedule. Put the schedule outside the room for reference.

Ensure the senior management is available on the day of headshots. Since they have a busy schedule, few minutes before lunch time is suitable.

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