Plan your photoshoot appointment

COVID-19 Social Distancing: If you have fever, cough, cold OR have traveled or been in contact with some traveled international in last 14 days, please reschedule your appointment. 

* Dress to impress. Photo sessions do not happen often; so choose your best outfits and hairstyles. Solid colors keep more attention on you than patterns and prints. Multiple outfits and props are recommended.

* Bring clean pair of shoes in a bag (just like indoor shoes) that you will be wearing during the appointment.

* Few other items to carry: makeup items, blotting paper, hair brush, chap stick, lint roller, water bottle.

* Contrast color dress with background is highly recommended. One session supports upto two backgrounds due to setup time. Check current selection in below link.

Share or get ideas of poses before the appointment. Important question to ask yourself is - why are you doing this photo shoot? Be open to try new poses just like photographers who want to capture something new. 

* Confirm your date and time one day before the appointment. Please park vehicle on the street and not on the driveway during the appointment. 

* Studio is located in basement of home and has a change room, washroom, mirrors and lounge. It is equipped with professional grade equipment from Canon and Godox. It has a 27" screen for live review of pictures.


Check current backdrop options here


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