Happy New Year 2022!

Happy New Year!

A rocking start of 2022 with numerous updates:

Every year I look forward for holiday season, not only to slow down the work and spend time with family; but also to take some time to review the accomplishments of the year and plan for enhancements for next year.

2021 was still gripped in covid-19 restrictions on events and is projecting uncertain 2022. It still has huge impact on photography business. However, as a human nature, we forget past and innovates our way to future. 

First and foremost achievement of 2022 is starting this newsletter to keep a connection with you. This was one of the thoughts that came to mind during fall mini sessions when customers wanted to know the location and dates for 2022 mini sessions.

Secondly, we will be offering high quality photo album prints to our customers. This was also incorporated as a feedback from customer where her family wanted to view actual prints in an album. During 2021 holiday break, I researched about photo printing and happy to announce that the first high quality flush mount photo album print was requested on Jan 5th. Contact us to find print options.

Thirdly, in 2022, we will be enhancing our service on Cake Smash session. Six new backdrops have already made a way to our collection. More customers are calling to book cake smash sessions. Checkout the list of backdrops here.

We are offering discount on headshots photos which is a great way to kick start your new year with a new look and personal branding for your business. Visit Headshot page for details.

To the right are pictures of my family from 2021 Winter session. That's one thing I could give back to my family, especially wife who love these mini sessions. 

Bottom of this letter are pictures of my winter photo shoot or wedding. That was first and pure white snowfall of 2021. Picture shot at Bronte beach park. 

We will be announcing 2022 fall and winter mini season's date in Q2. 

Pssst... there is an update going for our business logo. Will be updated by end of Jan.

Times photos of the year make us pause and feel blessed with what we have now.

Till next time, stay safe and healthy!

2021 Holidays Mini of my family

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2021 First Snowfall Wedding Picture

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