We offer video highlights as a more enjoyable alternative to full videos at much less cost. A video highlight is a collection of small videos taken during the event about the event location, d├ęcor, performance, speech,  dancing, etc. These videos are knit together with few slow motions and a background music in post production to make it more enjoyable. A video highlight can range from 5  to 15 min depending upon total duration of event and key moments to capture. The video highlights are captured by the photographer which provides biggest savings to not hire a videographer. It also mean that few moment can be captured only in photos or videos, and the photographer makes the choice based on instructions provided during planning and on how the event proceeds. Though being small in duration, there is a significant effort in post production to create a video highlights and it take 2-4 additional weeks to compile them.  Visit the gallery below to view sample highlight videos.

Video Gallery

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