Terms of Service

By making an appointment or providing a deposit, you acknowledge the acceptance of below terms of services provided by Snappal Photography.

A deposit is required to confirm a booking. It is non-refundable. Any cancellation of appointment will result in forfeit of the deposit.

Payment structure is 25% at time of booking, 50% on or before appointment and 25% upon content delivery.

Content means photos and/or videos. Content is delivered digitally via unlisted online albums. Raw files are not provided. Content download link is enabled only after complete payment. Content is available for viewing, sharing or download upto 4 weeks. Content is deleted and cannot be restored after 4 weeks.

Editing of content means light, color and tone balancing, cropping and straightening of photos; and are included in all services. Retouching of content means facial and hair touch ups; and is included only in professional headshot services or agreed upon services. The photographer uses his best skills to capture and edit the pictures. All edits are final.

Content can be used to showcase the work to prospect clients and advertising on the internet, social media or prints.

Delivery time varies based on the schedule of the photographer and type of photography. Headshots and Portraits are delivered in 1 week. Event content is delivered in 2 to 8 weeks.

Contact information including phone number and/or email address will be used to make booking and communications.

These terms of service is subject to change without notice.