Wedding Photography Planning

Cold November rain but we still completed outdoor portrait session with the couple.

How to choose your wedding photographer?

The article explains how we can help you to strike off one task from your wedding tasks list.

A photographer is the second closest person after your spouse on the wedding day and is with you from start till end of the event. It important to choose your photographer carefully.

An Initial consultation to help you access if we are a good fit for you. We will describe our style and show our sample work. We also provide references of our past clients.

Once selected, we will provide two subsequent video calls or in-person meetings.

The first meeting happens right after you choose as to be your wedding photographer. We will fill out a list of questionnaire to get details about your wedding day. The second meeting happens around a week before the event to get the itinerary of wedding, review the details of questionnaire and ensure the plan for big day ready. We do answer any queries and jump on call during the first call and day before your wedding.

On the day of wedding or pre-wedding ceremonies, we help you on posing to capture formal shots, capture all key moments of the event and take candid shots of yourself and guests.

Some of the key moments to capture are - bride getting ready, groom getting ready, first look, vows reading, official ceremony, religious ceremonies, first kiss, certificate signing, meet and greet, couple photos, family photos, decoration setup, reception meet and greet, first dance, candid moments, etc.

We know that you are super excited about seeing the pictures and so are we. Our process takes two to four week to get the pictures ready. On average, we are able to deliver pictures in two weeks. We offer digital and print services. Our online gallery is available for extended duration for you and your family to view the pictures any where from the world.

We also suggest to an engagement shoot before wedding which helps you to interact closely with photographer and also create digital/print albums to showcase during the wedding.

How much should you budget for wedding photographer?

The answer is based on your situation. Generally, it depends on how many days or hours the wedding lasts, how many locations the event is spread, how many guests are involved, if multiple photographers are hired and if e-shoot is included. An average wedding price can range from $2000 to $8000. We are not most expensive wedding photographers but we are also not the cheapest. We can provide a quote after a consultation call.

Should we do formal shots at wedding?

The simple answer is yes. Our experience shows formal shots get more attentions than candid. Overall, you should get both type of shots. With a large investment on outfit, make, decoration and other services, the formal shots create great statement for your wedding. We specialize in formal shots as can be seen in our work.

Should we coordinate outfit colors with decor?

Yes, contrast the outfit color with the backdrop colors of main stage setup. This helps to bring better colors in images. A white outfit with white backdrop may not pop very well but will pop better in a purple or red backdrop. We explicitly suggest color contrasting as part of planning phase.

Should you do an e-shoot?

Yes, an e-shoot or engagement shoot is highly suggested before the wedding. It helps you to learn and get comfortable on few things - knowing your photographer, get in front of camera, taking pictures as a couple, taking staged pictures, getting pictures in public places, posing and nailing the best poses. An e-shoot also provide a set of images that you can print in a coffee table book, print on wedding easel poster, print on wedding invitation, display on online invitation and project them during reception. Last but not least, the e-shoot creates a long lasting memories.

An e-shoot can be scheduled a year to few weeks before the wedding. The earlier you plan then you have more choices on location, outfits, styling, posing and more.

How to prepare for getting ready shot?

Getting ready is the most busy part of the wedding day. It has so many things to be done in short time. You may be waking from pre-wedding party hangover or may have not slept all night. Based on the wedding schedule, the make artist may knock at the door at 6am. The dress, ring, jewelry, shoes, flowers and so many small things need to be arranged a night prior to the wedding. Not only you but the photographer needs them as well to capture as part of getting ready shots. Keeping items in a separate bag helps you and photos. Even though you may want to capture all items in the pictures, it is suggested to be minimalist. We usually carry a table cloth sheet that can be used as backdrop for photos. We accept your choice of backdrop cloth as well. Its good to have a room with good natural light and if not then we got you covered with our flash light. Keep the dress in a nice looking hanger. We will hang it around curtain area or similar higher place to take shots. Keep a copy of wedding invitation and any other keepsake handy as well for photos.

Which side to sit in a south Asian Wedding?

For Hindu wedding, the bride sits on right side and groom on left side before pheras /vows. After the pheras are completed, a marriage in enacted and the bride takes left side and the groom takes right.

For Sikh wedding, the bride sits on left side and groom on right side before and after the lavan /vows.

For Christian wedding, the bride and her family sits on left side and groom and his family sits on right side before and after ceremony.

For other wedding ceremonies like ring ceremony and reception, the bride is on left side and groom is on right side in Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Christian religions.